Your Color… Your Story

Imagine if choosing a color could improve your profitability.

In business, the design of your space and selection of your colors affect everything—from how your employees function to your financial success. The unspoken messages you’re sending to the public, and how your clients perceive you, hinge on many factors, including the face you present to the world. Because every organization is different, planning this “face” is critical.

From the literature you display when someone walks through the door to the experience he or she has working with you and your staff, everything matters. There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. In every situation, it’s necessary to address the specific needs of that business and create a custom-tailored plan.

In general, cool colors—containing blue or green – typically create a feeling of calm and make spaces feel larger. Using a soothing green would be ideal in a high-pressure office environment. Warm colors—containing red or yellow—tend to be invigorating and stimulating and make rooms feel cozier. For example, red accents in a fitness center would add energy to workouts.”

– From ‘Your Color, Your Story’ by Kay McLane of Kay McClane Design LLC in Emmaus
Featured in Lehigh Valley Business Journal

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Red is part of the color story on more than 70% of world flags… It’s the first color a baby can identify.

Yellow is easily seen at a distance, which is why Chicagoan John Hertz painted his taxis this hue… Babies cry more in yellow rooms.

Orange was only to be worn by nobility in the Elizabethan era… It’s the national color of the Netherlands.

Green paint was a tough color to create consistently in the pre-industrial centuries… Game tables often were covered with green cloth as a nod to the gamble that was taken to create the color.

Blue is ranked first as the favorite color, worldwide… Studies show it may reduce criminal behavior.

Purple was a status symbol in the time of Emperor Nero. He refused to let anyone else wear it, and ignoring that was punishable by death… Almost 75% of preadolescent children prefer this color.