Covid-19 Resources

from Corporate Environments

Corporate Environments, a One Point Company, is happy to provide workspace solutions in response to Covid-19. In partnering with our sister company One Point, Inc. we are happy to offer both furniture and PPE products to help keep all workspaces safe during these uncertain times.

Below you will find a variety of resources to properly equip your workspace as you prepare to head back to the office.

We offer a wide variety of furniture pieces to add to existing workspaces, as shown above. Information on each can be found in further detail below:

Returning to the Workplace- Application Thought Starters

Are you continuing to work from home, and in need of a better home office setup? We have got you covered! We offer a wide variety of home office solutions that can be delivered right your door. For more information contact you Corporate Environments sales representative, or reach out to us directly at or 610-974-7990.