Corporate Environments One Point of Light Charity Committee

The One Point of Light Committee seeks to share the company's gifts with the community. The committee was started in 1997 by One Point President Patrick McMahon. Since the start of the committee over $1,000,000 has been donated to local organizations and non-profits. When One Point and Corporate Environments merged, there was a separate committee started for Corporate Environments. The CE One Point of Light Committee works with local organizations and non-profits in the Lehigh Valley. Members of the committee meet on a regular basis to discuss donations, and other opportunities for the company to give back. All Corporate Environments employees receive 8 PTO hours each year to spend time volunteering at a local organization or a fundraising event.

One Point of Light

The Corporate Environments One Point of Light Charity Committee looks to spread their donations out to various categories of non-profits. The categories include but are not limited to Youth, Seniors, Animals and an overall General category. Donations are discussed and approved by committee members at monthly meetings. Our committee also takes part in yearly donations for the Angel Tree during the holiday season. The team most recently started participating in We Care. We Care is a nation-wide holiday event with Herman Miller, Certified Herman Miller Dealers and the Boys & Girls Club of America. During the event children from local Boys & Girls Clubs have the opportunity to spend the day creating gifts for their loved ones and friends.

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Cup of Joy Nomination

The One Point of Light Committee voted to implement its own version of the Hero Award. We are looking for people who go above and beyond as volunteers. The committee will review entries quarterly and vote for the best candidate to receive the “Cup of Joy.” The four quarterly winners will be entered to receive the “Bucket of Joy” at year’s end.