Ergonomic Accessories

at Corporate Environments

Simple changes to your workstation can have a direct and positive impact on your desk’s ergonomics, proven to make you feel better and be more productive in your workday. If you work at a desk eight to 10 hours per day, it is important to make certain you are typing, mousing and computing comfortably and ergonomically to prevent repetitive stress injuries that can slow down productivity and reduce your overall comfort while at work.

Select from the categories below to see a sample of the ergonomic solutions we have available to you.

Flo Monitor Arm

Wishbone Monitor Arm

CPU Support

Keyboard Support

Power/Data Support

AV Support

Tablet Mount

Laptop Mount

Wall -Mounted Technology

Ode Lamps

Nelson Bumble Lamps

Flute Personal Light

Ardea Personal Light

Fluorescent Task Light

Tone Personal Light

Twist LED Task Light

Fluorescent Systems Task Lights


Trays and Storage

Foot Pillow

Eames Hang-It-All