Living Office

at Corporate Environments

Living Office. The way you work has evolved over the years. Has your office space?

Herman Miller’s first design director, Gilbert Rohde famously declared, “the most important thing in the room is not the furniture – it’s the people.”

Collaboration doesn’t happen only in conference rooms. It happens everywhere. A Living Office is a high-performance workspace that encourages interaction between your team members, delivering an energized, elevated experience, helping you achieve your strategic goals. The Living Office concept supports fluid interaction and spontaneous conversation between people.

It takes into consideration how we work, how we are motivated and how we create and collaborate. The Living Office is adaptable to what is essential to your company and employees. Because every office is different and every company is different, there is no “one size fits all” approach to a Living Office design. At times we need to be connected with others, and at times we need a space to call our own. A Living Office can support both ways of working by designing a space based on your culture and organizational goals.

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